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Welcome to The Training Life. We offer video, design and promotion services for martial artists and other movement professionals. We also feature online martial arts courses, classes and events in Filipino Martial Arts and other disciplines, fitness and conditioning, and overall wellness.

Our clients, instructors and students are typically those who live to train, and train to live. We support those who seek "a dream, a chance, and a great adventure" in all things, no matter where life may take them.

"Widen your heart. Abandon anger. Believe me, your few days are numbered..." (Valmiki the Poet, in The Ramayana)

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist." (Oscar Wilde)

Get out there, take chances and live each of your days as an amazing adventure!

Stay tuned for more great training coming your way...

With gratitude and deep respect,

The Training Life

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